Laveder stems in vase with yarn and glass decorations.
Made with hydrosols distilled from lavender grown and harvested on our farm in Ashford, West Virginia, the soothing scent of our lavender-infused hand sanitizer products will help you relax and be well at home and on the go. Easy to stow in a briefcase or purse, or keep around the house, our gel hand sanitizer is an excellent way to keep your hands clean all day long. Our spray sanitizer is a great choice for cleaning not only hands, but also door handles, keys, and other surfaces you touch frequently.

Our lavender stem bundles impart the sweet fragrance of lavender when burned. Add them to your fireplace, fire pit, or campfire to create a relaxing atmosphere. Sit back and enjoy a pleasant evening with family and friends, or indulge in a quiet evening with a book.

Whether you choose a soft tee for lounging around the house or the cozy warmth of a hoodie for those cool days ahead, our apparel will provide comfort while stating our shared values. We believe in creating natural products, supporting local businesses, helping people overcome barriers to employment, and restoring the land. Thank you for joining us in our mission.

We promise:  Organic  /  Vegan  /  GMO free  /  Pesticide free  /  Cruelty free  /  Animal friendly
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