Gray table with white towel, bottle of body oil, and gray vase with lavender stalks.
Our organic lavender body cream is custom formulated and made with 100% pure essential oil distilled from our lavender grown on reclaimed coal mine land at our farm in Ashford, West Virginia. The special blend of oils we use in our cream is designed to moisturize, soothe, and refresh. It will be your newest skincare essential during the dry winter months ahead.

Our sanitizer products are made with hydrosols distilled from lavender grown and hand harvested on our farm. Easy to stow in a briefcase or purse, or keep around the house, our gel hand sanitizer is an excellent way to keep your hands clean all day long. Our spray sanitizer is a great choice for cleaning not only hands, but also door handles, keys, and other surfaces you touch frequently.

We promise:  Pure  /  Vegan  /  Cruelty free  /  Animal friendly  /  GMO free  /  Pesticide free